By placing order at Katrina Fashion, customers are agreed to Katrina Fashion's ALL policies and announcements notice as listed at www.katrina.com.my. Katrina Fashion reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these policies at any time by posting the amended policies without prior notice. Please check these policies periodically for changes. To ensure the best possible online shopping experience, all product(s) are checked carefully before deliver to you.


  1. All item(s) in this store are pre-order stocks except those listed under "Ready Stock" section. Hence, those customers need garments urgently and do not have tolerance with the pre order lead time are not encouraged to purchase pre order items.
  2. The listed price does not include SHIPPING FEE.
  3. Customer must study the measurement of every goods precisely before placing an order.
  4. Customer is not allowed to cancel, change or amend the order items once order and payment is confirmed. Oversea supplier will dispatch out the orders once the payment is confirmed.
  5. Customer will receive items within 12 working days* after the payment is confirmed for all pre order items.
  6. *The estimation of 12 working days delivery time is calculated based on overall successful deals from our previous customers, you might receive the parcel late due to Oversea or Malaysia Custom clearance delay, out of stock issue or late delivery by the courier company. Your understanding and patience is highly appreciated. Kindly AVOID place order if customers do not have tolerance to accept late arrival parcel due to the factors as mentioned here.
  7. If ordered goods is out of stock unexpectedly, customer can replace it with other items (have to wait another 12 working days), or save credit to customer member account as store credit or request for full refund. For full refund requested, customer must provide bank account details (Name of bank, bank account number and bank account holder name). The store credit can use for next purchase. The store credit is strictly not allowed for cash out, it can be used for purchase goods from Katrina Fashion.
  8. Katrina Fashion have the right to cancel any paid or unpaid order (s) from customers without prior notice.
  9. Customer might encountered the item she placed order is running out of stock unexpectedly. The stock availability is changing rapidly every few hours although Katrina Fashion is ensure the high accuracy of stock status. This is because our supplier also supplying to other continent including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America. Customer is allowed to switch to other item or request full refund for the item that running out of stock. Kindly AVOID place order if customers do not have tolerance to accept unexpected out of stock case. 
  10. If customers' order is combined by pre order items and ready stock items, the shipment date will follow the pre order items shipment date.
  11. Katrina Fashion do not accept resell agent, dropship, retails ones or reps business model. Katrina Fashion strictly selling to end consumer only. Whenever the purchased customer resell to other parties, that's mean customer already breach the company policies and Katrina Fashion do not responsible on the product that sold to the third parties.


  1. KATRINA FASHION provide SIZE EXCHANGE to ensure the best possible online shopping experience for you. 
  2. SIZE EXCHANGE is not allowed for items with Best Buy Promotion,SALE promotion ,Discounted and Ready Stock items.
  3. All item(s) are eligible for one time size exchange only. 
  4. Color exchange or exchange to other item(s) request are not allowed.
  5. Measurements stated may vary 1.0 cm - 3.0 cm as items are mass produced. In such cases, it will not be considered a defect and no exchange will be carried out.
  6. We strictly do not allow Return/Exchange/Refund for Lingerie,swimwear and slimming wear.
  7. Exchange request must be submitted through email within 3 working days upon parcel received from courier service. No exception will be granted for excuse like away from holidays, admitted to hospital and etc. Customer is responsible for tracking the parcel after the pos laju tracking number is updated in the system. The 3 working days is sufficient for customers to send an email to notify us.
  8. Upon approval of an exchange, (i) For (West Malaysia), there will be RM8 shipping charge for first item and RM5 extra charge for every additional item. (ii) For (East Malaysia), there will be RM13 shipping charge for first item and RM5 extra charge for every additional item. Size exchange request will not be proceeded if the shipping fee is not received by us. For any return requested by customers, the cost of returning the item to us are customers' responsibility. Customers can not use the size chart accuracy and variance as the reason to waive the shipping cost that incurred for size exchange. Please be informed that the size chart provided by supplier is solely for guidance and reference, hence customers can request size exchange for one time if the garment is not fit at first.
  9. Upon approval of an exchange, buyer must ensure that we receive the returned product(s) within 5 working days. New order will be proceeded after the return parcel is being received and passed the incoming QA inspection.
  10. All item(s) must be returned in original condition (unaltered, unworn, unwashed, clean and original packing bag with tags intact).
  11. Please use Pos Laju courier service only for returns.
  12. KATRINA FASHION is not responsible for returned parcels until they arrived at our office. Please retain the Pos Laju receipt and tracking number as proof of return.
  13. If the requested exchange item is out of stock, we will credit the item price and exchange shipping fee to your member account as store credit only. No cash refund are allowed in this case. The store credit can use for next purchase. The store credit is strictly not allowed for cash out, it can be used for purchase goods from Katrina Fashion.
  14. Customers must refer to the size chart as posted in the product page to select the best fit garment. The customer normally wearing S size does not mean wearing all S size garment in the market. Different brands or different manufacturers have different size cutting standards. Customers must check body measurement and size charts as posted in the product page to avoid size selection failure. If customer purchased garment without refer to the size chart as posted in product page , the customer will not eligible to size exchange request. Customer have to provide actual body measurement for the team to verify during size exchange request. The size exchange request approval is subject to the verification result and the sizes that available in the size chart. Customers are not allowed to request size exchange for those sizes that are not listed in the size chart.
  15. Customers must obtain size exchange approval from Katrina Fashion before the size exchange request is valid for proceed. Please DO NOT send back any items to us without the official approval email from the team.
  16. Kindly DO NOT whatsapp or call to request size exchange, all size exchange request must go through official email only.
  17. Please submit size exchange request for approval by email at katrina.com.my@gmail.com within 3 working days upon parcel received from courier service.  The email should have details as listed below :
    • Customer Name:
    • Order Number :
    • Item 1
      • Product Code:
      • Target size for exchange:
    • Item 2
      • Product Code:
      • Target size for exchange:

         The Exchange and Return Team will follow up through email only. Upon size exchange request approval, the team will provide the guidance for this size exchange process.


  1. All goods will be sent in good condition. We execute 100% visual inspection (especially on testing the zip and button) before packing. The visual inspection are being done and recorded under 4K HD video recorder. If customers encountered any issue with the items upon receiving, customer must report to us through official email (attached with unpacking photos and videos) within 3 working days upon parcel received from courier service. Late report considered not valid and will not be followed up by Katrina Fashion. Our team will replay the 4K HD video clip for verification to avoid any dispute and argument.
  2. Color may vary across different device screen and measurements are approximate. Actual garments color may vary also due to model photos are captured by professional photographers with professional studio lightning setting. The actual garments color aberration is not classified as "wrong item" or "defect item". Please allow 20-30% discrepancy in the product color due to lighting and monitor resolution (actual may appear darker/brighter).
    Please take into consideration that COLOR MAY VARY FROM ONE BATCH TO ANOTHER as well. In such cases, the variance may not be considered as a defect. Kindly avoid place order if customer not able to accept color aberration.
  3. An item in a color or size cannot fit (cutting too short, too long, too tight,too thin or too loose etc) that is not up to your expectation is not considered a ‘wrong item’. The actual standards for all garments are based on the physical items received. The product photos posted at website are the pioneer batch.  Please take into consideration that SOME GARMENTS CUTTING ANGLE,SEWING LINE,UNEXPECTED PLEATS,LENGTH,PROPORTIONAL AND SYMMETRY LEVEL MAY VARY OR IMPERFECTION FROM ONE BATCH TO ANOTHER as well due to mass production factor. In such cases, the variance may not be considered as a defect. Kindly avoid place order if customers are perfectionist that not able to accept unexpected cutting design aberration and changes.
  4. Material, quality, design and garment's similarity level that did not meet customer's own expectation are not classified as defects or wrong item. These expectation level are solely subjective due to different people have different perspectives. It does not have any trustworthy benchmark instrument to measure these expectations. 
  5. Some pendant, necklace, brooch, buttons, waist belts, ribbons and glitter accessories that come with the garments might vary due to different batch of mass productions. Some of the accessories installation might have slight misalignment, this misalignment is not categorized as defect.
  6. Some garments will come without button holes, customers have to cut and open the button holes by themselves or through the tailor shop. The garments that come originally without button hole is not categorized as defect.
  7. For lace material garments, it might have loose threads or imperfection (slight shedding lace) due to the nature of the lace material and for this reason is not considered as defect.
  8. For those garments with printed pattern, the pattern might allocated randomly on the garments due to the cloth cutted from the huge textile roll, this is impossible to get the same pattern at the same location as shown like the product photos in the website.
  9. Katrina Fashion do not offer exchange or claim for the conditions as below :
    • Incomplete or incorrect shipping address given by customers
    • Damage of items due to own negligence
    • Best Buy Promotion,SALE promotion ,Discounted and Ready Stock items.
    • Garments material odor.
    • Material glossy level is varying
    • Itchy skin due to allergic reactions to the garment material.
    • Minor defect that is not jeopardize the appearance. All garments are mass produced and there might be unavoidable slight imperfection which might including mild stain mark. Kindly avoid place order if customers are the perfectionist.
    • Expectation is not fulfilled. It does not have any trustworthy benchmark instrument to measure the expectation that set by different customers. Every customer expectation are different and subjective. The expectation element is solely subjective due to different people have different perspectives. Kindly avoid place order if customer have no tolerance to the minor variances for all garments that are physically received.
  10. Parcels returned to us before any acknowledgement/approval will not be entertained.
  11. For all conditional return approval, the cost of returning the item to us are customers' responsibility. All returns will be subjected to a restocking fees of 20% per item value. (What is a Restocking Fee ? A restocking fee is a fee charged to a customer when the sold product is returned for a refund. A restocking fee is a charge issued by a company when sold product is returned. Restocking fees help businesses to cover the costs of repackaging, shipping, and the reduced sale price of a resale to the new customer. Company do not earn any profit on this restocking fee charge.) 
  12. All approved returns must be returned / sent back within 5 working days. This return validity period begins from the date the request is approved by us. 
  13. If you have any queries or comments, please drop us an email at  katrina.com.my@gmail.com


  1. The number of legal cases involving social media is increasing, Katrina Fashion have a good understanding of social media law.
    Katrina Fashion appointed law firm that will handling all those fake news or fake accusation that have the intention to insult Katrina Fashion reputation through the social media platform.
  2. Katrina Fashion is very eager to claim back all the damage done by anyone in social media platform against Katrina Fashion.
    This damage including any illegal accusation that is slander and sabotage Katrina Fashion reputation.
    These people have to bear the legal liability for sabotage Katrina Fashion reputation.
  3. Katrina Fashion' risk management team will monitor the social media platform and will screenshot any evidence that might important during the court execution.
    The Malaysian parliament approved a law punishing the propagation of partially or totally false information with prison sentences of up to 10 years and fines of RM 500,000.

Kindly be acknowledged that Katrina Fashion execute the trade transaction by fully abide the company policies that agreed by customers. Customers had agreed with all the company policies when they signed up and placed order at Katrina Fashion. Katrina Fashion is strict and always take serious attention on those customers that have breached the company policies. Breach of company policies by customer is unlawful. Kindly be acknowledged that this is lawful for company to take necessary legal action by appointed law firm against those customers breached the company policies that agreed earlier.

All policies listed at Katrina Fashion website are valid and protected by law. The dispute between a consumer and a merchant happens on daily basis in Malaysia. In the event of such unfortunate instances and if all attempts to settle the matter amicably have failed, bringing the matter to court will be one of the best things that would usually fair to both party. Katrina Fashion appointed law firm that mainly focus on handling those unavoidable dispute that might lead to tribunal. This is to ensure the eCommerce platform running by Katrina Fashion always stay healthy, fair and safe in this eCommerce ecosystem. 

For any tribunal case raised by customers,  customers have to bear all the high legal fee and huge compensation to Katrina Fashion if the court judging Katrina Fashion to win the tribunal case. Kindly bear in mind that once the tribunal case is kickoff, our appointed law firm will not cease the case until the judge adjudicate.

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